To Present the Gospel in the context of Endurance Sport

Endurance in Sport and Faith - A Training Camp

EMI Reviews

The following are some of the comments on past EMI’s. While we have made some changes in response to participants’ feedback, everyone has been amazingly positive about the overall experience.


· “Awesome: good practical steps and insight on how to disciple others.”

· “Awesome – down to earth – real knowledge to use.”

· “Very practical!”

· “This seminar put it all together in basic terms and very useful and helpful in terms of sharing the Gospel with athletes or anyone. Thank you!”

· “Very insightful and gave me practical steps on how to present the Gospel.”

· “Exactly what I needed… Fantastic. Delivery and content was terrific.”

· “Really enjoyed the videos and skits.”

· “Very informative.”

· “I got a lot out of the witnessing style test…it will change the way I approach evangelism!”

· “Today on a ride, a friend unloaded issues in her life that were just like the skits you did at EMI.  As I spoke to her (actually, I prayed that God would speak to her through me) I smiled inside as I also felt like you three were there beside me.”

· “Uncomfortable at first [to actually share the Gospel with someone. The practice was] very much needed – thanks!”

· “Good suggestions on follow-up”

· “[Writing out my testimony] was very thought-provoking. I had never done this and it was a great exercise.”

· “Thank you for the great resources.”

· “Great to really begin to voice this out loud.”

· “Good one-verse method – very useful and to the point.”

· “Great feedback [on practicing sharing my testimony and the Gospel].”

· “Great information to develop my testimony.”

· “All very helpful – never done this before.”


“Our Huddle in Racine hosted the latest EMI conference last weekend and if was an eye opening time for everyone. Personally, I knew that I needed to be proactive in sharing Jesus and my personal story, but this conference really made that a mission. Now, I am looking for a divine appointment to share Jesus. EMI also gave me the tools to do that. What I took home, was the way to share Jesus in a way that is easy, practical and makes sense for the hearer.


“Time is an issue for everyone now days, but those that came, did benefit and were glad that they gave up a weekend to come. Donna and Slick make the time enjoyable, fast paced and interesting with skits, videos and time to share and practice your story. There is time to develop and hone how to share Jesus with someone whether they are an athlete or not.


“I will confess that it is a lot of work to plan and organize. I must have called or emailed 100 people to get 11 for our EMI. But, it was worth it. If one person comes to know Jesus through the Racine EMI, it will be worth the effort.


“I would encourage other Huddle leaders to host an EMI conference. It was worth the time and effort.


“Peace to you,


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