Prepare To Present the Gospel in the context of Endurance Sport

Endurance Ministry Institute

So you’ve begun “competing for Christ”. Suddenly someone asked you, “Why do you race?” and you realized you didn’t have an answer ready. So you thought about it and now you have one.

Then they asked you why Jesus is so important to you… Wouldn’t it be great to have your testimony and a clear, convincing gospel presentation at  the



WHEN: Savannah: Mar 26-28

and Florida: Apr 9-11


WHERE: 30 min NW of Savannah, GA; 45 min NW of Orlando, Florida


WHO: Any interested Christ-followers and their families


COST: Savannah: $190-220/person; Florida: $150 for first family member before Mar 8; $170 after Mar 8 (see cost page)


QUESTIONS: See FAQs or “contact us”

Sample schedule of events

Click HERE to see a sample schedule for a Friday evening/Saturday EMI

or click HERE to view a sample weekend-long EMI Retreat (Word document). 

General information

This retreat/seminar is intended for athletes and is hosted by athletes. So expect a location and schedule conducive to getting in your workout! If you have suggestions, they are more than welcome!

tip of your tongue? In just one weekend, you can!

EMI is specifically designed to give you both theory and hands-on training in using your passion for sports to share with others your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here are some comments about the first such retreat: “both challenging and rewarding. This is definitely what I needed…” “the time I spent this last weekend at the Retreat was the best investment of my time!!!  I hope to remember and USE the strategic evangelism tools that I learned every time I get the opportunity …” “Had a great time and was able to put my testimony together precisely for the first time…”

Click HERE to read more reviews.

What’s new?

Feb 15: Florida travel information posted. Info is also available on the Orlando Huddle’s website.


Feb 13: Savannah registration, cost and travel information has been posted. Both will be a three-day retreat format.


Dec 16: Dates have been confirmed for Florida on April 9-11 and Savannah, GA on March 26-28, 2010.


Oct 28: Want to know more?? Reports from previous EMI’s are now available: South Carolina in Feb 09, Phoenix in Oct 09, and Racine, WI in Nov 09.


Jul 1: Are you interested in HOSTING an EMI? Click HERE or visit the new “Host an EMI” page.


Mar 4: Pictures from the Retreat on Feb 27– Mar 1 near Table Rock, SC are now available at the following link:

To contact us:

Phone: 803-983-8874 (c)


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