To Present the Gospel in the context of Endurance Sport

Endurance in Sport and Faith - A Training Camp


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What is EMI? Endurance Ministry Institute is a set of six “classes” and two practice sessions designed to equip you with the practical ability to articulate Christ’s story in your life and to give a clear, concise, convincing Gospel presentation. It may be done in an evening and full day, or in a weekend-long retreat format. It can be given anywhere someone is willing to host it.


Who is EMI for & who can attend? EMI is specifically targeted toward endurance athletes. However, the bulk of the information and hands-on practice is directly applicable to any Christian who wants to improve their ability to verbally share Christ—both by telling Christ’s story in his/her own life and by learning a simple one-verse Gospel presentation. We strongly encourage spouses and families to attend together. We’d be thrilled if you’d invite your entire small group Bible study or fellowship group (or whatever you else you may call it), and any other believers in your circle of friends.


Tell me about previous EMI’s. Participants’ comments can be found on the “reviews” page. Reports from previous EMI’s can be found here: South Carolina in Feb 09, Phoenix in Oct 09 and Racine, WI in Nov 09.


What are the classes like? Each “class” is 50 minutes long. They include large and small group discussion, skits, video, humor and slideshows as well as some lecture. Two of the eight “classes” are simply time set aside for you and a partner to practice talking through your story and your Gospel presentation.


Who will be giving the training?  Seminary-trained endurance athletes who have spent the last few seasons carefully studying and experimenting with how to reach endurance athletes for Christ have designed the course of study. Click here for the bio of “Slick” and Donna Douglass. Classes may be given by them or by another FCA-E leader who has worked closely with them.


Can I bring my family? We understand the importance of families being in ministry TOGETHER! Contact Steve or Laura regarding options for Savannah.


Are meals included? TBD.


What if I can’t come for the whole time? Come for as much as you can!


What if there is bad weather? We’ll be meeting inside, so the meetings will go on regardless of the weather. Outside recreation may be impacted by weather. 


Will it be recorded so that I can learn this stuff even though I can’t make it? We’re working on that. If you are interested in this, please let us know!


How can I get this great info for a retreat in my local area?! We’d LOVE to help you make that happen! Contact Chris Anderson via email.


I’m definitely coming—is there anything I can help with? Absolutely! There is always room for volunteers. Stand by for more info.


I’d love to come, but there’s no way I can afford it—are scholarships available? We are unwilling that money should stand in the way of you learning to serve God more effectively, so contact the host for more info.

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