To Present the Gospel in the context of Endurance Sport

Endurance in Sport and Faith - A Training Camp

Host an EMI

While it may take a little planning and logistical coordination to host an EMI, it will be WELL worth your time and effort!


Two of the schedules we have worked with so far can be found here:


 - click HERE for a Friday evening thru Sunday Morning retreat-type schedule with the workout in the afternoon. *This is the much preferred schedule. Well worth the extra time and expense!*


- click HERE for a Friday evening thru Saturday late afternoon schedule.


What part will you play as the host? You’ll do all the coordination for a location, snacks/meals, transportation and lodging (if required). You’ll set up and track registration (can be done free at and publicize the opportunity in your local area.


To help you, we’ve created an “EMI Guide” that includes many of the helpful details we discovered while hosting our own EMI. Click HERE to view the EMI Guide. Please note that this is designed to serve as a guide not a must-do-every-item checklist. It is a work in progress and will be refined as FCA-E folks like you host more of these.


See the EMI FAQs for more information. Click here to view the bios of the folks who put EMI together.


Please contact Chris if you know that you want to host and are ready to talk about scheduling an EMI.


Please contact Slick if you have more questions before you can say “sign me up!”


Here is a list of resources for hosting your EMI:

 - EMI Planning Guide (.doc)

 - FCA-E emblems: yellow banner, white emblem (.jpg’s)

 - Release and Waiver of Liability (.doc)

 - “What to bring” list (.doc)

 - Registration in Excel format (.xls) or in Doc format (.doc)

 - Publicity signs (.doc)

 - Schedule options (see above) - these can be adjusted to fit your needs

 - This website—modified with your input


To contact us:

Phone: 803-983-8874 (c)


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